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 Transcription - for your recordings and dictation    CallSTAKKA - Agent Evaluation Tool

Welcome to Technology Ten Transcription services, you have reached the perfect destiny for all your transcription needs.

We convert Call Recordings, Dictations and other Audio Recordings to Text.

Technology Ten offers one grade of service – a world class transcription service providing precision, reliability and confidentiality at competitive rates and delivered on time. 


We provide transcription to service the needs of business, government, students, university researchers, solicitors, authors, publishers, journalists, medical, legal, media, emergency services, mining or any individual.


We cover a broad range of tasks such as: Telephone conversations, teleconferences, 2way Radio communications, interviews, podcasts, focus groups, conferences, seminars, business meetings, lectures, legal depositions, TV & Radio talk shows, sermons, thesis, journalist interviews, manuscripts, medical reports, forums, general dictations, correspondence, briefs, legal journal articles, manuscripts, speeches, hearings, panel discussions, surveys and much more.




CallSTAKKA™ is a powerful data extraction and reporting tool and option for our Enterprise series of call recorders.

With CallSTAKKA you can generate detailed call statistics, allowing you to gain insight into your phone usage.

Drill down on a per line/agent level, to see how many calls are being made and when. Use CallSTAKKA to determine staff activity, efficiency and performance. How long are your staff spending on the phone? How many are inbound or outbound calls? What is the average call length? Which days and which hours are the busiest? CallSTAKKA can answer all these questions and more.

CallSTAKKA allows you to export select call data for analysis or integration into your other systems.

Maximise the power of your multi channel Technology Ten recorder with the addition of CallSTAKKA™ today! 

Currently only compatible with our Enterprise Series of recorders: Origin, Executive and Maxi.


 Voice Biometrics    Audio Forensics

We have available a range of compact and large scale biometric solutions for the Professional Security and Government user.

  Automatic voice identification system

  Real-time multichannel recording and voice identification

  Voice identification and face recognition biometric system





Please call for confidential discussion.  


Audio forensic products and solutions for Professional Security and Government user.

  Digital hand-held voice recorders for covert speech recording

  Advanced audio/speech signal analysis

Real-time noise suppression and speech enhancement software

Portable noise filtering and audio recording station


Please call for confidential discussion.  

 Audio Announcement Unit (AAU and AAU+)  

 AnswerMAX - available soon!

Require a unit to provide a pre-recorded message such as
a recording warning message or after hours announcement, advertising, special message, etc? Then the Technology Ten AAU system is for you.   The AAU will answer your call, play your message announcement, then switch the call through and ring your handset ready for you to answer the call and get right into the conversation, with the comforting knowledge that the caller has already heard your message.

If that is not enough, the enhanced AAU+ unit is available, which will automatically play specified messages at different times of the day, days of the week, or for special periods such as the Christmas Holiday, all precisely controlled by an internal high accuracy clock.

Call for further information.



AnswerMAX is a large capacity digital answering machine + call recorder + announcement, all in one device. Finally, a large memory answering machine with thousands of hours of recording capacity.  Many features:

Answering machine – Whilst you are away, AnswerMAX will answer the call and provide a message or information to callers, then provide  the option to leave a message or not.

Call Recording – Whilst you’re in, AnswerMAX will record calls automatically or selectively.

Information service – will provide information to your callers without ability for caller to leave a message.

Memo / Dictation – Remotely call in and leave dictation or memo.

33,000 hours of audio recording storage

Time and date stamping of every message

  Inbuilt replay

  Auto-delete old calls after a predetermined time period (days, months, year)

  Tag important calls not to be deleted.

  Compact unit

  Easy DIY installation, no tools needed.


Works on ordinary analogue (PSTN) home or office telephone lines in Australia and most other countries, or analogue extensions off most business phone systems (PBX).

Customised Development

Along with constant development of our commercial product ranges with new product and feature releases, we also are bespoke developers (specialty and customised recorder products & software).  Bespoke development may include:

  modifying the hardware and/or software design of one of our existing commercial products

  Integrating one of our commercial products to your system environment.

  Ground level up development may include all or part of:

  Research & Development


  Project Management



The products you see here on our website are our standard offerings. Using these as a base, or creating a new product from the ground up, we can provide precise hand in glove fit of a solution to cover your needs. Call us today to see how we can help.





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Our special purpose recorders are designed for eSPY, emergency, security, mining and military situations. We offer integration into your CRM or other systems and custom feature development. Call statistics and agent evaluation options provide powerful analytical insight. We also sell telephone headsets and power (UPS) systems to compliment our recording range. YouTube Blog
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