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 CallSTAKKA - Statistical Analysis of Recorded Telephone Call Data


Let CallSTAKKA and our Telephone Call Recorder put you back in the driverís seat by providing important information to help you make those vital day to day decisions in managing your enterprise.

  Automatic Reporting

  Improve Customer Satisfaction

  Improve Staff Productivity & Effectiveness

  CallSTAKKA is an option for Technology Ten Enterprise Series of Telephone Call Recorders (Origin, Executive & Maxi)


  Easy to Use 

Enhance you business with this productivity tool

The CallSTAKKA option fitted to any Technology Ten Enterprise series Call Recorder will dramatically enhance the benefit by providing qualitative and quantitative information of your staffís telephone calls.  CallSTAKKA provides fully automatic report generation (or manually generate reports when needed) that helps keep you in control without excessive drain on your valuable time, it cannot get any simpler or easier than this.  

 Keep your finger on the pulse, increase staff performance & effectiveness, improve sales & profitability, roster staff when needed, measure performance on a regular basis.   Have answers to questions like Ö.. How many calls does each operator make/receive in a day? What is the average call length?  When are peak call volume times?  Listen and evaluate and rate calls for sales or help desk effectiveness, compare results of staff against an average or implement correct training and monitor progressive improvements with time, and so much more.   Use the information to set performance/reward targets for individuals or groups, set budget allowances and continually monitor progress



Features + Capabilities


User selectable (all via easy to use graphical interface):

 Channels to include in report

Time period of Day or Month or Calendar Year or From-To-Date

 Fields to include per Channel and All Channels, checkbox select (see list below)

Output format:  xls (Microsoft Excel) - Compatible with majority of reporting tools




Auto Schedule

   A single data report is provided each day of previous 24 hours of call database automatically,
   but also user can manually create a report   based upon any date period and recorded channel they wish.

The report is saved locally and this report folder can be shared for remote access.

For the time period chosen (either 24 hour automatic report or user manually selected channel and date period):

Grouped by Channel (Agent)   Totals across All Channels
Number of Calls Total   Number of Calls Total
Number of Inbound Calls Total   Number of Inbound Calls Total
Number of Outbound Calls Total   Number of Outbound Calls Total
Number of Calls per Day   Number of Calls per Day
Number of Inbound Calls per Day   Number of Inbound Calls per Day
Number of Outbound Calls per Day   Number of Outbound Calls per Day
List of Phone Numbers (Caller ID) Calling/Called   List of Phone Numbers (CallerID) Calling/Called
List of keywords   List of keywords
Shortest Call Duration   Shortest Call Duration
Longest Call Duration   Longest Call Duration
Average Call Duration   Average Call Duration



CallSTAKKA is installed and runs on recorder. 

Auto-schedule default is at 2am to minimise load on recorder during normal business hours.

The features and functions of CallSTAKKA are dependent upon and subject to the customerís phone system providing the relevant data at the point of our connection to phone system e.g. Inbound and outbound numbers, call direction, etc



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