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 CallSTORA - multi channel recorder

CallSTORA is our economical business multi channel phone, 2 way radio and microphone recorder. Offering centralised silent beep free recording without the use of telephone adaptors.

If you are after a multi channel recorder, or even if you considering single phone solutions, you will be pleasantly surprised with the cost per channel of a Technology Ten CallSTORA recorder.

How productive and effective are your staff on the phone? Are your customers satisfied? Can you determine why certain staff are more  effective and successful dealing with clients on the phone than others?   How can you improve and standardise customer service and sales.  Record your calls to uncover this vital information to improve and protect your business. Call recording and analysis directly helps to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales!

CallSTORA is compatible with PSTN trunks and extensions, as well as 2way radios and microphones.


Economical multi-telephone trunk line (ISDN or PSTN)
Centralised Recording Server
Set & forget unit, no setup required, simply connect to phone lines and switch on.
Time and date stamping
Search by time, date, agent, call direction (inbound/outbound), dialed or received phone number.
Large storage capacity
 Silent recording - no beeps
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