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 Enterprise series call recorders - Business Call Recording Systems + Agent / Call Statistical Analysis  

Multi-Phone Call Recording (Trunk / PBX extension -  Analogue, ISDN, Digital and VoIP)                                

ENTERPRISE series call recorders:

 ORIGIN              (4-24 phones)

 EXECUTIVE     (4-60 phones)

 MAXI                  (unlimited, distributed multi-site)


Keep your finger on the pulse.

Monitor, record and evaluate your telephone calls, 2way radio, meetings, conference calls, interviews, PA, fax etc.

How productive and effective are your staff on the phone? Are your customers satisfied? Can you determine why certain staff are more  effective and successful dealing with clients on the phone than others?   How can you improve and standardise customer service and sales.  Record your calls to uncover this vital information to improve and protect your business. Call recording and analysis directly helps to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales!  

Call recording also avoids the age old problem of WHO SAID WHAT TO WHOM. Safeguard yourself and your organisation by recording telephone transactions. 

Are you doing enough to ensure security and safety in the workplace and improve OH&S? For whatever reasons you wish to record and analyse your calls, you will find a solution from Technology Tenís extensive Enterprise series product range. Call Technology Ten today for FREE consultation and assessment of your needs.

 Centralised or Distributed call recording  - expandable, scalable, easy to use and secure

Recorded calls are stored on your site and under your safe control.  For convenience the remote access feature enables full recorder functionally (call replay and administrative management) to be available remotely at your office PC or other network locations.  For larger installations or distributed sites of multiple recorders, these are also managed as a group or individually using the same remote access feature from any networked location.  Recorders are expandable, scalable and configurable in many different ways in a modular building block format.  Easily add; more inputs, new recorder sites, increase call storage, network storage, fax recording, transcription and much more at any time.

 Who best benefits from call recording

Telephone communication is central to modern day business; it is fast, efficient and effective.  If you use a telephone (most of us do) you will benefit from call recording for legal, quality assurance or as a business improvement tool.

 What can be recorded

Just about any telephone or audio source.  Includes: business telephone (PBX) extensions (analogue, digital or VoIP), telephone trunk lines (PSTN, ISDN or VoIP), 2way radio, microphone, public address (PA), fax, just to name a few.




High quality audio recording

High bit rate sampling ensures excellent audio reproduction.


100% duty rated

The recorder will continue operation faultlessly without concern of overloading or affecting performance even if all inputs working at full recording capacity, plus recorder performing other functions simultaneously such as replaying calls and administrative functions.


Real-time phone monitoring

Silent monitor calls of staff in real time without affecting or interrupting the call in progress.  Check staff performance in real time.


Variable replay speed

Great feature to review calls quickly or decipher hidden detail in a call.  Increase replay speed by  up to 300% or slow down to 30% of original spoken speed all without distorting voice pitch and still sounding natural.


Extensive call search facility and call tagging

Search by date, time, duration of call, inbound or outbound calls, callers number (subject to availability from your telephone service provider), dialed out number, your post entered keywords & comments, tagged calls, etc.   Tag and colour code call entries according to importance or another criterion you set.


Keyword and comments

Easily add post recording comments and keywords to each recorded call.  For example add:- staff call performance rating on call by call basis, incident identification number, customer account number, information notes about the call, reminder to-do notes, etc.


Noise filtering

Instantly reduce background noise of replayed calls by the simple press of the noise filter button.   Use anytime during call replay and instantly remove background noise to effectively clarify voices and speech to be more intelligible.  Effective for typical telephone background noise or 2way radio hiss and crackle noise. 


Watchdog timer

Safeguard against faulty or disconnected telephone connections/lines to recorder.


Mix different inputs

Available with a mixture of different inputs (analogue, digital and VoIP) trunk line or PBX extensions.  For example an alarm monitoring company may require their control room digital telephones recorded as well as 2way radio communication (analogue inputs) with security patrolmen.



Automatically combine up to 8 inputs into one recorded channel (audio file).  Great for financial traders, emergency services, military and similar situations where many audio sources of information are being broadcast to one location, operator or area and the replay of calls must emulate what is heard at this location to help determine why a decision/action was made.


Inbuilt call storage or network storage

The recorders inbuilt storage provides ample capacity to archive many calls.  For example, a busy call centre recording 6 staff would typically obtain 3 years of real time storage using the standard supplied inbuilt storage.  This can be extended by optionally increasing the inbuilt storage or adding external network storage. 


Copy and export calls

Copy calls to inbuilt DVD drive or USB memory stick or export file for emailing as an attachment.  Simply select which calls you wish to copy or export e.g. selected channels, date range, from specific callerís number (CLI), etc or export all calls if you wish.  Copied/exported calls are in a standard format compatible with almost any PC.


User access control and security

User access secured via user login and password.  Assign access security rights and privileges to a user group or per individual.  Restrict user access to selected recorder features and functions e.g. replaying selected recorder inputs, settings, live monitoring, etc.   Based on Microsoft Windows security, access to the recorder is totally controlled as another level of security.


Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

The recorded audio volume level is often variable, for example the callerís voice may be much louder (or softer) than yours.  To hear the replayed call more clearly, simply enable AGC (one button click) to instantly help reduce this variation...automatically.


Black and White list

Select which calls are recorded and archived by user defined exception (black) or record (white) list of callerís phone number. Record and archive calls from specific callers, or conversely not record personal calls from your wife for example.


Our recorders are highly configurable with extensive options available:

Transcription module (based on Microsoft Word) - transcribe speech to text

File Backup - backup database

Increased inbuilt call storage capacity

Multiple inbuilt DVD drives (up to 4)

FAX recording, viewer and reprinting

Remote replay and administration (LAN)

Network archive call storage

Raid hard disks (inbuilt or external)

Dual redundant power supply

Remote alarm contacts and annunciation

Full installation, training, support and maintenance

CallSTAKKA  - Call data statistical analysis tool, click here





Record almost ANYTHING

Administer, Replay and Network Storage almost ANYWHERE

Cloud compliant

  Connect to:

  Telephone trunk (ISDN, PSTN, VoIP)

  PBX extensions (Digital, Analogue, VoIP) - NO DESKTOP ADAPTORS NEEDED

  2Way Radio, Fax, Microphones (Meetings), Public Address and more.







 Distributed Architecture

 Record your national or international offices

 and completely arrange the various recorder blocks (Recording server, Network storage)

and  remote replay, remote administer, almost ANYWHERE.   Cloud compliant.







Dimensions                       Origin         355mm (W) x 370mm (D) x 135mm (H)

                                            Executive   430mm (W) x 560mm (D) x 135mm (H)

                                            Maxi           430mm (W) x 560mm (D) x 135mm (H)

                                            Executive & Maxi are 19 inch rack mountable

Weight                                Origin         < 10kg

                                            Executive   < 15kg

                                            Maxi            < 20kg

Case Colour                      black

Power                                 240VAC, 50hz, 300W - 550W

Environment                      5įC - 40įC (Non condensing recommended)

Analogue Inputs                Signal to Noise ratio > 76 dB  

                                           Sampling Rate 8 - 16 KHz

Digital Inputs                     Signal Frequency up to 2 MHz           

                                           Signal Amplitude up to 5V

Triggering                         off/on hook, VOX, external control.



Range and Number of Recording Inputs

(handsets / Lines) optionally available

Input Type





4 - 24

8 - 80

8 - unlimited


6 - 24

6 - 60

12 - unlimited


2 - 30

2  - 90

30 - unlimited


1 - 24

1 - 64

12 - unlimited



 For more information, have a look at our Enterprise Range FAQs section here

Our General FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section  here


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