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Enterprise Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the process of purchasing an Enterprise product?

Enterprise solutions can be purchased in many different configurations, we suggest speaking with one of our sales staff to determine a configuration that suits your needs.


I am not sure which Enterprise Recorder model or capacity I need now and in the future.

No problem, all models are fully scalable up with additional capacity, storage and even upgradable to next model in series to allow even greater expansion.  Enterprise series recorders are a future proof solution.


Can you record my telephone system?

Our recorders can be configured to record nearly all phone systems and trunk lines and other audio sources, from Trunk telephone lines to PBX extension s (Analogue , Digital or VoIP), 2way Radio, microphones, etc.  You can even mix different type inputs in the one recorder for example 2way radio and digital telephones recorded in the one unit.  Please call our friendly customer service centre for free no obligation discussion and assessment.  Once we understand how and what you want to record, we will present you with the options available.


How will you connect to my phone system?

This depends on what you want to record and the type of system you have, of course the most economical means of achieving this is a big factor.  The diagram provided in the main information page indicates the many and varied inputs, storage and connection options available. Versatility and scalability are key benefits to Enterprise solutions. From small local business to large multinational corporations,  the same system covers all situations successfully and economically.

Can we see a demonstration of the system?

A demonstration either at your office, our office or via the Web can easily be arranged.


How long does it take to install a system?

Depending on the size and level of integration, the system can be installed in a matter of hours for small systems to a full day for larger solutions.


Can we install the recorder ourselves?

Yes you can, however the law requires a suitably qualified and certified telephone technician makes the connections from recorder to your telephone lines, we can instruct your local telephone installer of how to do this easily.  As for setup of recorder itself, there is nothing required, it is preconfigured and ready to go. Simply power up and start recording.  If any minor configuration changes are required, this can be easily arranged over the phone.  However if you wish we can provide various levels of assistant up to a full turn key solution including onsite user training.


How easy is it to find a call?

We can, in most cases, capture date, time, agent, caller ID, dialled number, inbound or outbound call, tagged calls and post recording added comments & keywords plus much more.  You can use these parameters, in any combination, to locate and play a call.


I wish to record 2way radio, but this is typically noisy, can I record this?

Yes, we have included special noise filters to remove all unwanted noise and retain voice audio only when replaying the call to ensure clear upstanding of what was said.  The original recording is recorded and stored in original ‘noisy’ condition for audit and security purposes.  The user simply selects the noise filter (simple button push) when replaying the call to remove the noise whilst being replayed.


We wish to evaluate calls. Can you incorporate this into the recording system?

Yes, as standard you can tag calls in various colour codes to represent your desired importance or meaning, also type in post recording keywords or agent evaluation scores. There is also another field to type in post recording comments, for example include your comments relating to the conversation or customer account number, incident number, policy details, etc 


Can I add customer details to each call?

As mentioned above the keyword and comments fields are available to add this information.  Furthermore they are searchable fields, so one could for instance search for all calls made to a particular client or insurance claim policy, etc.  The results will provided as one list searched across all recorded handsets simultaneously, simply click on whichever call and replay, its is time saving and simple to use.



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