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 FAQs - Soho Mobile Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Soho Mobile?

Software that installs onto your Nokia phone – there is no hardware or other items to install or carry (and get lost).


Will Soho Mobile work with iPhone, Blackberry of Androids handsets such as Samsung Galaxy and others?

Regrettably no. The manufacturers of Apple and Blackberry handsets prevent the installation of software on handsets to record calls.  In the case of Android, being an open source operating system, most handset manufacturers will install ‘modified’ versions of android on their handset, further different versions within models of same manufacturer, that to produce and guarantee operation of recording software and provide support for all flavors of Android handset models is not feasible.  For these handsets we have an external universal recording solution, Call Mynah, see separate section for details and pricing of Call Mynah here.


Why will it work on Nokia handsets only?

We have produced Soho Mobile to operate on the Symbian operating system found on most modern Nokia phones. It will not work on other brands running Symbian.


How is  Soho Mobile Supplied?

The software and relevant registration code is all transacted electronically via email.  It is the best way to keep costs low and provide prompt supply, especially if payment received by credit card or PayPal. 


Do you apply payment surcharge fees when I pay by either Credit card or PayPal?

These do not  apply for Soho Mobile purchases only.


How easy is it to install Soho Mobile?

 Installation step in brief:

1. Download the product from either our email or ftp download site.

Use the Nokia PC interface software to transfer the Soho Mobile software from your PC to your Nokia handset by either Bluetooth, USB interface cable or wireless means as appropriate for your handset.   NB: the Nokia PC interface software is normally supplied with your handset on CD or is available for download from the Nokia Web site.

      If you have email working on your phone, then you can email the Soho Mobile application to yourself and open the email on your phone.

3.   Install the software on your handset

4.  Check the program functions as it should by recording some calls and playing them back on the handset.

5.   Email us the IMEI (serial) number of your handset

6.  We email you back a registration code to lock the program to your handset and allow unlimited use of Soho Mobile on your handset.

7.  All done!!!


What is your refund policy?

Since we provide a fully working trial and request you test and check operation on your handset prior to sending us your handset IMEI number and requesting a registration code from us, there are no refunds once the registration code is issued and emailed to you.


Can I transfer or use the Soho Mobile product and registration code provided on another handset?

The purchase price includes one handset installation, which is not transferrable to another handset.  The registration code provided will only operate on the handset the IMEI number was provided. You will need to purchase a soho Mobile product for each handset.

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