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 Soho Soft - single phone recorder, record calls direct to your computer.

Use your computer to record your phone calls.

For Personal, Business and Corporate use.   Easily add more units as your need grows.

Recording of both sides of a call with NO beep or noise. 

Easy to install + use.

Soho Soft is sold as a packaged product - one off cost per installation, no ongoing fees, no extra costs.


Models available for connection to most: handsets, headsets, cordless phones, digital phones, PSTN lines, analogue lines, business phone systems (digital, analogue, VoIP handsets).   

An easy to use telephone recording package. Simply connect the PhoneLink™ interface between your phone and your computer, install the Soho Soft software from the CD, and start recording your phone calls.

Record calls directly to your PC/Laptop (Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Win7).  Soho Soft runs and records in the background, so you can use your computer as you normally would.

Manual or Automatic recording versions available.   Providing typically many 1,000s of hours storage (subject to storage capacity on your PC/Laptop).  Calls are saved in MP3 format straight to the hard disk on your computer. You can then store, replay, save to CD or even email the saved files using your favourite applications.

Recording of both sides of a call with no beep or noise.


Soho Soft™ series - Use your computer to record phone calls

Record calls to your PC / Laptop
Standalone operation
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Win7 (32 or 64 bit)
Automatic or Selective call recording
Time and Date stamping.
Easy call searching
Compact file size for convenient emailing recorded calls.
Copying recorded calls
Easy installation, not tools required.
 Silent recording - no beeps

One off cost per installation.


Soho Soft -LC-MAN
Connects to analogue phone line, eg home line PSTN or analogue pbx extension
Soho Soft -LC-AUTO
Connects to analogue phone line, eg home line PSTN or analogue pbx extension
Soho Soft -LCUSB -MAN
Connects to analogue phone line, eg home line PSTN or analogue pbx extension. USB.
Soho Soft -LCUSB -AUTO
Connects to analogue phone line, eg home line PSTN or analogue pbx extension. USB.
Soho Soft -USB-MAN
Connects to corded home or office phone. USB.
Soho Soft -USB-AUTO
Connects to corded home or office phone. USB.


Soho Soft™ Pro series - soho soft with added security   !!! COMING SOON !!!
Record calls to your PC / Laptop.
Same features as Soho Soft, except with added security.
Security helps prevent unauthorised access and tampering of recorded calls and recording program.

 Prevent users from playing recordings.
 Silent recording - no beeps
One off cost per installation.



Soho Soft Pro-LCUSB-AUTO  !!! COMING SOON !!!
Connects to analogue phone line, eg home line PSTN or analogue pbx extension.
Soho Soft Pro-USB-AUTO  !!! COMING SOON !!!
Connects to corded home or office phone. USB.



Soho Soft records both sides of a call without any beep or noise
LC or LCUSB versions work with home cordless phones.
USB versions offer better recording quality and are easier to set up.
Calls are recorded in MP3 format, efficient and replay anywhere
If you wish to record only selected calls, choose a man (manual) version. You start and stop recording.
Auto versions record all calls automatically, but can be also used in manual mode.
If you want added security: calls cannot be accessed or deleted by a user - choose Soho Soft Pro
All Soho Soft versions use your computer to record calls. Recording is done in the background, you can use your computer as you normally would. If you prefer a standalone recorder that doesn't require a computer, have a look at our Soho Portable range here.
If you are not sure which version of Soho Soft is right for you, please contact us and we will be glad to assist.



  Soho Soft Landline Series
  Soho Soft Soho Soft Pro
Using client PC (Microsoft Windows only)
Model -> Soho Soft -LC-
Soho Soft -LC-
Soho Soft -LCUSB -MAN Soho Soft -LCUSB -AUTO Soho Soft -USB-
Soho Soft -USB-
Soft Pro-USB-
Price International sales ($AUD) $185 $236 $241 $293 $241 $293 $348 $348
Australian sales ($AUD Incl. GST) $203.50 $259.60 $265.10 $322.30 $265.10 $322.30 $382.80 $382.80
General Silent operation (no beep)
Records both sides of call
Easy to use
DIY Install - no tools needed
Free telephone support
Easily relocatable Subject to client PC
Storage capacity Subject to Client PC, typically 10,000+ hours
Use client PC for other purposes whilst recording
Recordings Format MP3 MP3 MP3 MP3 MP3 MP3 MP3 MP3
Compact file size: 1 hour recording => 7 Mb
Date & Time stamped
Email copy of recording
Transfer/Copy calls and save to external storage device such as USB store, CD, network storage, PC/Laptop. Automatically stored onto customer PC
Continuous call storage Should a system disruption occur e.g. power failure, the recording is automatically saved up to point of power failure.
Auto start Automatic ready to record upon boot up
Required Microsoft XP/Vista/Win7 (32/64bit)
Recording modes Selective - manual on-screen or keyboard short cut for stop / start      
Automatic - will automatically start / stop recording, each recorded call is a unique log file with time & date
Password protection Password lock to prevent users from:
changing settings, deleting recorded calls, disable user playback of calls or shut down recorder program
Hidden Files Hidden files - hide the call archive files from Windows explorer to prevent 'back door' security breach and tampering or deletion of recorded calls.            
Telephone connection Telephone Line connection
Connects in-line (built in double adaptor) or single cable tap onto analogue or PSTN telephone line either at wall socket or at handset. Suitable for:
- cordless handsets, come phone line (PSTN), analogue handsets, VoIP (domestic) e.g.Engin, MyNet-Fone, FWD, Freecall, Voise, etc) that use an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor)
An ATA is an interface box normally supplied by your VoIP service provider that interconnects your internet service to a standard analogue corded / cordless handset from which you make VoIP calls.
Handset curly cord connection
Virtually a universal recording solution. Best quality & control of audio recording.
Suitable for: most handsets with a curly cord (not suitable for recording handsfree or cordless handsets), business phone system (PBX) handsets (analogue/digital/VoIP), office, home, overseas, analogue, digital or VoIP.
The curly cord is typically the cable interconnecting telephone hand piece with desktop cradle.
Suggested usage Best audio quality - journalists, podcasters, broadcasters, business, etc.  Where audio quality is important. Features audio balance control to independently adjust your voice level relative to caller's voice level for optimum balance & quality.          
Good audio quality - most business and personal use.
Includes inbuilt Automatic Gain Control to help compensate for variable audio levels
Standard audio quality            
Location suitability All locations    
For most town or city metropolitan areas.
Not suitable for regional or country locations
Operating Noise No Noise Subject to Client PC
Power Mains Subject to Client PC
Battery - internal & Rechargeable Subject to Client PC
Automotive 12 VDC                
Automotive key ignition recorder start                
Add Comments Add written comments to each recording for later review or add order number, incident ID, account details, etc. These features included in Satellite series recorders, click here
Agent Evaluation Add a rating /score for each user's recorded call based on your assessment criterion
short calls
Great for 2way Radio and telephone usage to automatically not store recordings less than 2 second duration. User can enable or disable this feature. Great in reducing false recordings due to short impulse or static noise.
Time based deletion Auto delete recordings after a user selected withholding period (days/months/year).  Maintenance free operation, no need for regular manual maintenance of deleting old recordings.
Remote access Via network to Satellite Manager product
Multi- Agent recording Standalone operation - local recording, replay and administration of recordings
Centralised storage, replay and administration (requires Satellite Manager)
Tag calls Tag important recordings (highlighted in Red)
Tag recordings already reviewed (highlighted in Green)
Manual backup of agent recordings to supervisors PC or network located storage (NAS/Server/etc) -
requires Satellite Manager
Automatic time based backup of recordings e.g. midnight each day or midnight on selected day once a
week . Requires Satellite Manager
AGC Automatic Gain Control - selectable on/off and adjustable AGC level
Home worker compliant Staff working from home - record their calls (securely) and when back in office the manager can download calls to central storage depository unique for each home worker.  
Centralised call storage Each agent's calls are centrally stored but in separate agent folders
Live streaming remote replay Fast live streaming audio replay of recordings, no need to download the whole call audio file prior
replaying. Simply click on call and audio plays instantly.
1 x PhoneLink LC            
1 x PhoneLink LCUSB          
1 x PhoneLink USB with USB cable          
1 x PhoneLink AMP with Power Pack                
1 x Digital Recorder model BLK2                
1 x Recording Software CD
Specifications & prices are subject to change without prior notice.

For all Soho Soft products shown above, you will require a computer running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7  (32 or 64 bit) for each installation.


For more information, have a look at our Soho FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  here

Our General FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section  here


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